QICI Engine Features

Make Games: All-in-One

Nothing else is needed to make great games for the web and mobile. From UI creation to asset management, texture atlases, coding, debugging, animation, testing & live editing, QICI is all-in-one!

Responsive UI Layout

For all shapes and sizes of screens, a constraints system flexes, without code, to create completely adaptive and responsive interfaces. Interactivity and positioning are immediately testable.

JavaScript At Heart

The Core of QICI is a JavaScript library. The QICI Editor is completely extensible and customisable, for you , because it’s also built with just JavaScript & HTML5. QICI games are pure JavaScript games.


Designed by artists & programmers for their peers to use, QICI is a full featured What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor for game (and UI) creation, refinement, testing, production and publication.

Rapid Ease of Use

The GUI’s discoverability and operability replaces tedium and difficulty with an easy and productive creativity. Making better games and experiences is now hours and days, not weeks and months.

Performant Performance

Using the highly optimised, popular & performant PIXI rendering and Phaser game logic, QICI’s focus is consistently smooth, highly performant and efficient gaming on web and mobile devices.

Demos powered by QICI Engine

Dota Style Legendary Battle
Rendering Performance
Tower Defense
Casual Style Demo